Memories Recycled Estate Sales is a veteran and family run estate sales organization that partners and works closely with jewelry consultants, antique and art appraisers, law enforcement and other field experts that give you decades and decades of industry expertise handling estates. We are committed to providing a respectful, organized and well marketed estate sale of your family’s treasures.

At Memories Recycled we take pride in the following features:

  • We organize, dust off, stage and sell the items in your home
  • We are fully licensed and insured
  • Our rates are competitive and we never charge a minimum
  • We usually pay you within a few days of the end of your sale
  • Trusted and used by individuals, State of Michigan court appointed fiduciaries, realtors, attorneys and executors of estates
  • Fair pricing
  • We assist you in the disposition of the few remaining items not sold
  • After the sale we can do a ‘clean-out’ by moving all the unsold items to the garage and do a light cleaning



With the recent developments of the Coronavirus we, at Memories Recycled, are waiting for an ‘OK’ from the CDC and the Federal and State authorities to get back to work. For those of you who are waiting to have your estate sale, right now is the ideal time to get prepared. Choose a company and let them get started. We will need a couple of weeks of work to get done before the doors can be opened for the sale.

Things that can be done now to get the ball rolling are:

  • Let’s meet
  • Look over the home and items you want on the sale
  • Answer your questions and address your concerns
  • Decide on the dates for the sale
  • Bring in our tables
  • Do a quick cleaning of the house
  • Organize and display the items in your house
  • Wipe down the items to be for sale
  • Take photos
  • Price all the items
  • Place the items on EstateSales.NET and other websites

When this is all done then we will be all set to go. This sequence of events usually takes a week or two to get it done properly so let's plan ahead and reserve your time slot in our schedule.

We, and I’m sure you, are very concerned about the virus and passing it on to our loved ones. We take this issue very serious and will be taking the necessary precautions so everyone will remain healthy.


When we do move forward with estate sales again, we will be implementing several changes to our operation:

  • We will have a sanitation station at the entrance to sanitize hands of individuals entering and exiting the home.
  • Customers are asked to bring and wear their own masks.
  • We are asking that social distancing be observed by all individuals. Sometimes social distancing will be very hard depending on the layout of the home, but we ask everybody to try their best.
  • We will be limiting the number of individuals entering the home. This will help assure social distancing will be practical.

We ask everybody to help in being respectful of others and their views of what is safe social distancing and hygienic actions. We will all get through this challenging time.

Thank you

Dawn and Larry Sneathen

  • "I just wanted to send you a quick note congratulating you on another great sale. I’ve been to over a dozen of your sales and I still keep coming back. You’ve got fair pricing on the items for sale. Keep it up. The organizing, displaying and cleanliness of the sale items is consistent. Some sales I have gone to by others looks like they just shoved together a bunch of stuff and put price tags on some of the items. Everything in your sales are priced and I don’t have to keep asking how much it is. Looking forward to your next sale." - Curt

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