Sale Information


Hudsonville Condo

We do have some shotguns and a vintage cap and ball rifle and a .44 magnum pistol for sale as well as .44 magnum ammo and reloading supplies.  These items are not at the residence currently and will arrive on the morning of the sale.  Obviously, this is for safety and security reasons.  Thank you for understanding.

  • Vintage hand engraved tables from India
  • Vintage engraved sword from India
  • More to come!!!!!!
  • Stevens 16 ga shotgun model 94C
  • Mossberg 16 ga shotgun model 190 
  • Russian Mosin Nagant rifle manufactured in 1943 with ammo
  • Ruger .44 magnum revolver with 7 1/2” barrel. 
  • .410 shotgun ammo
  • 12 ga shotgun ammo
  • 7.62 x54r ammo
  • .44 magnum ammo
  • Reloading dies for .44 magnum
  • .44 magnum bullets for reloading
  • .44 magnum brass casings for reloading
  • Lots of Lefton
  • Marble collection
  • Harley Davidson items
  • Genuine new Harley Davidson parts
  • Ginny dolls
  • Precious Moments
  • Vintage women’s dress gloves and purses
  • Large dolls including the Lenox Bride
  • Bohemian cut crystal cobalt blue table lamp

If you wish to purchase the pistol you MUST bring a valid RI-060 form from your local police department or have your valid Concealed Pistol License with you.  No exceptions.  The firearms and ammo will not be discounted on the last day.