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Toys galore

Major Matt Mason figurines and related items

Sam Cobra

Johnny West

Fisher Price

Smash up derby

Star Trek Phaser

Dinky Toy Leopard tank

Buddy L Wild Animal Circus truck and trailer and animals

Mattel Man In Space: crawlers, space cannon, space probe, Captain Lazer figurines, Major Matt Mason figurines, and lots of miscellaneous items.

Vintage Mr. Potato Head and Oscar Orange 

Electric Football

GI Joe items

Johnny West’s Covered Wagon

Snap Bowling

Vintage Atari with games

Chopcycles Hairy Hurdle set


Gold Knight by Marx

Bravo the Armored Horse by Marx

Pinball Champ by Coleco pinball machine

Star Trek Leonard Nimoy

Maytag washer and gas dryer

Update:  the car is no longer available