Sale Information


Country Livin’

Welcome to our Country Livin' sale. We have a variety of items for all areas of interest. In particular, we have some guns for sale. For those interested in the guns, a sword or the bayonet, they will NOT be discounted at half off after the first day. The order of access to purchase any gun or blade will be taken from the Sign-Up sheet. One person at a time will be offered the guns and the blades. Also, the guns and blades will only be present at the address during the times of the sale (they will NOT be stored at the location in non-sale times). 

Some of the items we have:

  • Remington, model 1100 12 ga shotgun
  •  3 extra barrels for a Remington model 1100 priced separately.
  • Remington Sportsman model 58 12 ga shotgun
  • Winchester 30-30, model 94, 20" barrel
  • Remington 30-06, Woodmaster model 740 with Tasco 3 - 9x scope
  • 'Sporterized' Mosin Nagant 7.62 x 54r rifle. Open front sight.
  • Mossberg, model 500a 12 ga 'Ducks Unlimited' limited edition shotgun. Never been fired.
  • Marlin, model 1898 12 ga 5 shot shotgun, 4 digit serial number. Marlin's first pump shotgun.
  • Worlverine (Crescent) Arms, 12 ga SxS shotgun, exterior hammers, barrels have stamped "Genuine Armory Steel" and "Choke Bored"
  • Flintlock pistols (quantity of 2), by Zanotti of Italy, possibly functional.
  • British bayonet and scabbard for Lee Enfield rifles from WW1, 1907, blade 17" long.
  • Masonic Templel ceremonial sword with scabbard, 28" blade, manufactured by Ihling Brothers of Kalamazoo, Mi. No nicks on blade edge from 'pretend sword fights'. 
  • Sentry 14-gun gun safe
  • Over 3 dozen women's coats and jackets, sized medium to extra large. Brand names and in excellent condition. 
  • Lots of brand name clothing sized medium to XL
  • Yard Pro lawn tractor, hydrostatic drive, 50" wide cut
  • WWll 10 pouch cartridge belt
  • Collectible and signed ducks and Ducks Unlimited items
  • Numbered and signed wildlife pictures
  • Topographical maps
  • Antique buffet table
  • Vintage ice skates
  • Starr floor standing phonograph with Silver Grain Spruce singing throat. Manufactured sometime between 1917-1924 in Richmond Indiana and is in excellent condition
  • Shot glass collection
  • Homer Laughlin China 5 piece setting serving for 12 with additional pieces.